See how Tracie optimizes sample collection and improves efficiency

Experience Tracie in Action

Tracie offers a suite of solutions tailored to optimize sample collection and processing, enhance decision-making, and improve patient safety.

Why Tracie?

Streamlined Sample Collection

Experience the efficiency of a fully digitized system with Tracie Collect, which streamlines preanalytical workflows, reduces processing times, and minimizes error rates by eliminating manual tasks.

Sample Monitoring

From order entry  to arrival at the lab, Tracie Transport Monitoring captures crucial data points, contributing to error reduction and workflow efficiency.

Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate Tracie solutions with various tube types, transport methods, and laboratory information systems.

Informed Decision-Making

Tracie Analytics empowers data-driven decision-making by consolidating information from Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), facilitating standardized data acquisition for optimized sample evaluation. 

Optimized Workflows

Configure Tracie Management to streamline workflows, providing clear instructions and instant error notifications, ultimately enhancing patient safety. 

Sample Traceability

Ensure sample traceability for quality improvement across all Tracie solutions, capturing crucial information like the sample collector's name and collection time to facilitate compliance with quality requirements. 

Increased Patient Safety

Tracie solutions enhance patient safety by ensuring unique identification of patients and samples, minimizing mix-ups and errors.

Digitization Support

Simplify the digitization process with Tracie's comprehensive project support, including project management, key user training, and technical assistance, facilitating a smooth transition to digitized workflows for optimized processes.